Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ashraf Ali Thanvi: Analysis

Ashraf Ali Thanvi al deobandi is one of the top scholars from deobandi cult. He is called as hakim al ummah meaning “the sage of the ummah” by the followers of the deobandi cult.

Few selections from books of this deobandi sage are given below for readers to know the mentality of Ashraf ali thanvi.

It is important to know that Ashraf Ali thanvi al deobandi showed disrespect to prophet in his book hifzul iman , page 7, where he compared the knowledge of the prophet with the knowledge of animals, children and every insane person.

For this anti Islamic writing, two hundred and sixty eight scholars from the Indian subcontinent and thirty three scholars from harmayn sherifain declared the fatwa (verdict) of kufr upon Ashraf ali thanvi al deobandi.

1. The day to day teaching of Ashraf ali thanvi has been collected and published as Al ifadat al Yaumiya. It is also called as Malfuzat hakim al ummah.

On page 255 of this book ( malfooz 410) Ashraf ali thanvi writes:

“The belief ( aeteqad) of normal people is not of much importance. Our Hazrat Mawlana Mohammed Yaqoob sahib used to given an example of belief held by common people. This example is indecent but it suits very well. He ( mawlana yaqoob ) used to say that belief of common people is like the private part of a donkey, when it increases it increases a lot and when it diminishes there is no trace of it. Indeed it is a strange example”

Indeed only a deobandi sage can have this type of example in his book!!

2 In the same book ( malfooz number 43) page 61 , Ashra ali thanvi writes:

“A man told me that he does not get satisfaction/happiness ( maza) when he does dhikr. To which I replied, there is no happiness in dhikr. The happiness is when sperm (mazi) comes out during foreplay with wife.”

This type of examples can be given only by a deobandi sage!!!

3 In the same book, malfooz number 49 , Ashraf ali thanvi al deobandi is condemning the reasoning given by naturist sect. In order to show that how reasoning cannot be justified he writes:

“Like a man told that he used to have dirty relationship with his mother. It was questioned to him that how can he have this? This is a dirty act. To which he replied: “what is the problem in this act? After all once upon a time my whole body was insider her and now only a part of my body goes inside her”.

Ashraf ali thanvi did not feel any shame in giving this example and how can he get ashamed! After all a person who can show disrespect to prophet can go to any extant!
May Allah save this ummah from these types of hakim al ummah and his followers!. Ameen!

4 In the same book page 212 (volume 9), Asharf ali thanvi describes an incidence about his maternal uncle ( mamu).

Ashraf ali thanvi writes:

“Abdur Rahman khan requested mamu to give a speech so that people can be benefited. Uncle did not want to give the speech so he told others that he will put a condition to be fulfilled before making a speech and since condition will not be full filled, I will not make the speech. People asked him , what will be his condition ? To which uncle of ashraf ali thanvee replied that he wants to go naked in the market, with some people pulling his organ from the front , others fingering him from behind and a group of children calling him bharwa, bharwa .” ( bharwa means pimp in urdu).

Indeed, thanvi saheb’s uncle had some innovative idea! But what made ashraf ali thanvee mention this incidence is another point to discuss!

5 Ashrafus sawaneh is a biography of Ashraf ali thanvi, written by his student Ajizul hasan.

On page 64 of this book there is an interesting discussion.

“Once I told Hazrat( Ashraf ali thanvee sahib) that I have one ugly wish that I should have been woman and should have got married to you. To which hazrat ( ashraf ali thanvi) replied that I will get reward for this thought”

Here we see that this maulvi gets reward for getting a thought of marrying ashraf ali thanvi! But as per deobandis celeberating mawlid, doing ithal e sawab on food and reciting salwat upon our beloved prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) before adhan , everything is a biddah and will not give an reward!!

This is the true face of deobandism!

6 Asharf Ali thanvee writes:

“A very pious and religious man had this “ Kashf” that Hazrat Ayesha (Rd) is going to visit my house . This pious man informed me about his ‘kashf”. My mind gave me this answer that I am also going to get a young aged girl in marriage because when prophet married Ayesha Rd , he was above fifty and she was of very less age.

( Risala Al Imdad. Month of Safar , 1335 AH)

The wives of the prophet ( sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) is the mother of all the believers .

No muslim will even think of such dirty interpretation of kashf or dream.
But Deobandis consider prophet as ‘elder brother” and they say prophet should be given only as much respect as it is given to an elder brother.

What is the result?

We can see this dirty interpretation in which he uses the word” KAMSIN AURAT HAAT AAYEGEE” which will transate into” I will get hold of a young/ virgin woman”.

Lanatullahi alal kaazibeen .

Read this Urdu wordings from the pen of Ashraf Ali Thanvee

“ Ek zakir saleh ko maqshoof hua ki haqeer ke ghar hazrat Ayesha aaney wali hain.Unhoney mujhsey kaha. Mear zehan usee mayyan usee taraf muntaqil hua ki KAMSIN AURAT HAAT AAYEGEE., is munasibat sey ki jan huzoor sal allahu alaihi wa sallam ney Hazrat Ayesha sey nikah kiya to huzoor ka sun shreef pachaas sey zyada tha aur hazrat Ayesha bahut kam umar ki theen”

7 Ashraf ali thanvee also wrote ‘ behisti zewar’ ( heavenly ornaments) which contains highly objectionable issues regarding females. Deobandis have removed that section so the present edtion of this book does not contain these issues.

Insha Allah in future this topic will be discussed.

Few lines by brother shardil. (Slight edition from my side)

jin ke naam se zuban ho ghaandi deobandi deobandi
jin ke kaam meh sheetan ki dhandi
deobandi deobandi
jin bunyad ha angraiz ki mansobabandi
deobandi deobandi
jin ka asol ho deshatpasandi
deobandi deobandi
jin ke hath hain khoon muslaman se rangini
deobandi deobandi
kon hain petro dallor ke jihadi
deobandi deobandi
Islam ke dhushman azali
deobandi deobandi


TheSacredPath said...

Mashallah!!! Good research brother into these double faced crooks deobandi!!

Been waiting long time for this site to update :)

lone said...
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fatha said...

Indeed a Good Research on Thanwi a very True one. Listen Oh People...its a Hadith of Sarkar that His Ummah will be divided into 73 Sects & only one out of them will be Jannati. So No one can stop saying of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam. So align your aqeeda with the right ones . Allah has given you ability to judge the right ones so its uup to you to seek the Truth. One thing i can tell you that Deobandis are the bigggest liers and cheaters , You just take the above books & do your research . But ensure you get the original copies of the above mentioned book as the new edition have abondoned these pages.


Voice of Islam said...
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Voice of Islam said...
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Voice of Islam said...


Everybody like this page.

Muhammed Salman Shamsi said...

A good post except that poem. I had read all comments of which some people said why to bother what maulvi ashraf ali thanvi had written we have to just follow quran and hadees. Everybody of us known that we had to advice other of right and stop of other of any wrong, hence the post is not to insult but to show what is wrong. Hence one should follow such person. l comments of which some people said why to bother what maulvi ashraf ali thanvi had written we have to just follow quran and hadees. Everybody of us known that we had to advice other of right and stop of other of any wrong, hence the post is not to insult but to show what is wrong. Hence one should follow such person.

Butt Reyaz said...

The one and the only true and faithfull sect is ahle sunnat wal jamat

Truth lover said...

Zakir naik written maafi naama Jisse ye proof hota hai jo fatwa zakir pe kufr ka lagaya gya tha woh ab valid nahi raha http://twocircles.net/2008nov16/text_dr_zakir_naik_s_letter_repentance.html

Truth lover said...

Aap sub bhi investigation kr ke kisi ko koi label de verna Bukhari ki hadees ke hisaab se hm khud kaafir ho jayenge- Allah knows best
Allah Hafiz

omi said...

the poem, at the end shows the thinking and mental caliper or writer..... afsoos.

Syed Khalid Hussain said...

Ashraf Ali Sahib Thanvi 's belifs

1.It is satisfying to say Laa'llaaha il-lal Laahu Ashraf Alee Rasool-ul-Laah and Al-Laahum-ma Salli 'Ala Saiy-yidina Nabiy-yina Ashraf Alee and there is no harm in saying so. (Risaalah Al lmaad, page 35,Ashraf Ali Sahib Thanvi)

2.The kind of knowledge and the amount of knowledge of the unseen given by Almighty Al-Laah to the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) has also been given to animals, lunatics and children. (Hifzul Ieemnan, page 7,Ashraf Ali Sahib Thanvi).
now its very clear from the above refrence that he is not the "saint of ummah". so please stopm praising the Ghustaqey e Rasool

Alhaj said...

ashraf ali ka kufra sabit hai. Uska favour lene vale bhi kafir honge.

Ya nihayat hi kamine kism ka insan tha jo mar kar mitti me gark ho chuka hai.

Iski akal ek khinjir ki akal se kam na hongi.

Allah iske fitne se hum sab musalmano ke iman ko bachaye. "AMEEN"

Kib Mohammed said...

EVIL BARELVI'S.....How can any Muslim say such a thing, let alone ascribe it to a scholar.

zeeshan khan said...

dont u know abot ur frod father ashraf ali thanvi.
get some knowledge abot him n than rply.


referance key toor per scane pages daly gaey hain sif un ko he poora par lo to tamma ilzamat ka jawab khud aa jaey ga. oor agar kitab par lo to kia kehney . Allah Hakeem ul Ummat key derjaat buland fermaey amin.

Ib Sohel said...
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Ib Sohel said...

Asharaf Ali Thanvi is the king of the Ulamaye Su.
please read this articles to know abt ulamaye Su:


Saqib Rehman said...

Just read the full page that hav scaned,, Phir aesa karna zara soch kr reply karna,,
Adha sach poora jhoot hota hai,
Sirf red marked parhne se Fitna Hi banay Ga.

1(Zamanay ki qasam, Insaan Khasaray me hai)
2(Lekin wo jo jo Emaan laye or naik Amal Kartay rahe)

Sirf pehla Part parhna Ghalat hai Poora parho to Samajh me Ayega..

Ashraf Ali Thanvi ki Jin Baton ko ap ne ghalat kaha hai , Un ko Khud MAulana sab ne Bhi Ghalat hi kaha hai.. Ankhe khol Kar dekho..

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UMER said...

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Abrar said...

Excellent Bro Great Facts No Place to hide for the deos as there are scans too !!!